Jake's top 10 Growth Hacks for getting the juiciest low hanging fruits. How I went from just a humble boy to a post man.


As a young boy I always had a strange affinity with Postman Pat, his joyful nature, his black and white cat. Little did I know that my design career would take me on a journey to reconnect with my roots.

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The Setup

Smarty is a new mobile network built with simplicity at its core.

In a team of myself, a developer and a data person, we utilised customer feedback to find our areas of focus. and once located we’d strike with our arsenal. The kinds of techniques you’d commonly associate with “growth hackers”. Running a/b tests, proposition development and honeypot tests with mailchimp and targeted ads.

Things of note;

⬊ Launched the cheapest plan ever
⬊ Total website hero revamp
⬊ Changed password requirement from 9 to 8
⬊ Developed & validated a new loyalty proposition

We'd had enough of low hanging fruits, it was time for something more juicy.

"We'd had enough of low hanging fruits, it was time for something more juicy."

The needle in a stack of simcards

Drop off in the payment journey was at a staggering 45% and we set out to find why. In the early days of Smarty, some bright spark had set up an abandon basket survey to collect responses. But no one had been brave enough to go through them... yet.

After a long day wading through the swamp of 3000 responses, I had outlined 5 distinct categories. We took these to the client and began to explore how best to tackle these areas. It quickly became clear that free sim cards, something commonplace amongst our competitors, could be our three course meal. Drasitcally reducing drop off and winning the customers we might otherwise lose.

But how could we, a humble team of three. Create a way to test a free sim card offering, without overhauling our entire distribution and checkout flow?

How the test worked

In Google optimise we set up an A/B test on the order summary page. Variant A remained the same, while variant B gave users the option to pay or order a free Sim.

If users took a chance on the free Sim they would go to a mailchimp form, styled to look like the existing Smarty site. We'd gather there details and send them an automated 'Your Sim is on it's way' email.

Once in mailchimp their details would feed into the royal mail online service to make labels. I would then by hand add each to an envelope, with a trackable sim card and then walk them to a nearby postbox.

Becoming the postman

Over the next 3 days I sent over 700 sim cards all over the UK. On the second day we saw a small uptick in activation, but had doubled total sim orders that day. By removing less commuted users from the funnel we saw an 8% increase in conversion. On the fourth day we received some heart breaking news. Black Friday was around the corner and we had to kill the test.

We were never able to reach statistical significance and it still keeps me up at night.